Saturday, 31 March 2012

Star Blogs - Felicita Sala Illustration & Painting

I was browsing through Etsy one day when I stumbled into this awesome shop owned by artist and illustrator Felicita Sala, called Babouche Rouge. I just love her wonderful quirky art, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out that she also runs her own blog! Felicita shares plenty of her marvelous work there. A few snippets now and then of her life as an artist, also things that inspire her daily.

And although she'd only started writing her blog in 2011, I think she's definitely done a pretty good job creating a friendly and interesting space to spend time in. I personally love to watch how she finds the small things that surround her and show that even the most ordinary things can keep us inspired.

I hope pretty colors are keeping your day bright! 

**All images were taken from Felicita Sala's blog. **

Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Morning Ride

The sun has awaken. His soft rays penetrating the thick layers of fog that settles above the water and across the land. A mesmerizing scenery that captivates my heart and soul. And while the creatures slowly stir, I close my eyes to inhale the crisp chilly air that encloses this world beyond its wings. One breath at a time.

Yes, this moment is mine. 
When nothing is there to hold me back
When all I feel is peace and confidence that all will be well. 
At least for today.

To all living creatures.
With love,


Original art: The Morning Ride, pencil on paper

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Lucie the Juggler

Hello there. Are you keeping yourself busy? I have been making some mess in the studio with my cutter and glue this week. Remember the last paper dolls I made of Alice and the White Rabbit? Well, those two were sold a while ago and since then I have had people asking if I were planning on making more. So here she is...


This little precious is Lucie. She's a born juggler and a star of the circus in town. I had in mind to do a drawing of her, but then decided to turn her into a paper doll instead. I really enjoyed designing her costume, especially sewing the tiny coppery beads onto the red felt. Oh, it was so good to put my little beading needle to work again. I think I might create a special series based on this character alone. What do you think? It would be super tricky to fit doll making into my already tight schedule, but I know it would definitely be worth it.

She's now available in my shop. :)


Saturday, 24 March 2012

Adora in the Sky

Meet Adora. She was born on October 2009. Since then, her loving parents have commissioned over 270 artists from around the world and published their work on a special site dedicated to their little miracle called Adorable.

You know, just when I thought I've seen so many inspiring stories on the internet, I turn around and stumble into another one like Adora's. I'm so lucky to have been able to take part in their project. Hugs and kisses to you, Adora, may you grow up to be a beautiful sparkling star in the sky!


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Shades of Gray

Bonjour, mes amis! How are you? I'm sorry for being a tad bit quiet lately, but I have been busy as a bee working and taking care of the kids at home. Also, my studio was looking a little dusty and dreary, so I decided to clean up and get organized. I even found some black and white study drawings of my previous work that are now up for sale in my shop...


Don't you just love black and white drawings? I think there's something very beautiful in their simplicity that makes them stand out from the rest. I love how the shades of gray create a depth of its own and sometimes even the simplest of sketch could show such a dramatic effect. It's just wonderful how they could catch your eye in an instant, even among colors. I'm reminded of the times when I first learned this drawing technique, and you too should be able to learn how to create dramatic black and white drawings through art classes.

I guess sometimes simplicity speaks louder than anything else. Wouldn't you agree? :)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Shop Update: Paper Goods Loving


I was rummaging through my boxes the other day and found some (very, very) old correspondence which dated as early as 1989. I had just moved to the UK that year and I received quite a lot of mail from my old friends back in Indonesia. A few letters, some birthday cards, and even a handmade shadow puppet my good friend had so lovingly made for me. Do you like making handmade cards for your loved ones? I've seen quite a few online craft classes in the internet, and I think I might add that to my wish list. :)

Anyway, it was such a sweet moment to just sit and read them all again, so I was inspired to make some vintage themed handmade cards (while daydreaming about my schooldays!). They're all available in my shop and anxiously await all of you corresponding lovers out there! :)


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Art Inspires: Mab Graves

Have you ever dreamed of finding a treasure chest buried in the sand as a child? I remember wishing for gold, diamonds and rubies so I could go to the store and buy all the toys and books I wanted, then spare some to give to the poor. But after seeing Mab Graves astounding work of art, I think I would have loved having a chest of her genius work all to myself...


Her brilliant jewelry collection has captured so many hearts (including mine!) and I'm always anxious to see her new addition every time I pay her shop a visit. Now don't you think these are some of the prettiest trinkets you've ever seen? I just love her incredible details and surreal ideas (yep, those are MEAT charms you're seeing there!). Now, f I could only find that genie.... maybe he could zap up one of these gorgeous necklaces and make me a very happy woman. :)

Stay inspired, everyone!

Find Mab Graves' brilliant work here:
Official website
Facebook Page

**All images taken from Mab Graves' Etsy shop**

Friday, 9 March 2012

A Whimsical Tale

I'm very indecisive. Yes, I am. I don't know why, but I guess it's probably the two little fishies in me swimming in opposite directions, always trying to venture into different waters (I'm sure many Pisceans would agree). Sometimes it makes me lose focus and prevent me from completing even the most simple of tasks. But many times it can help open up plenty of different possibilities in creating a single artwork alone.

Unsurprisingly, I find it a struggle to walk in one main path and staying put. Now it might sound weird, but I must admit that it's emotionally draining, but in the same time, very satisfying. :)
So tell me, do think it shows in my work? Do you sometimes find a similar problem as I do? Well now that you know this little secret...don't be surprised when you see sudden changes here on my blog or in my work...I'm probably just having one of those days. :))

Have a happy one, lovelies!


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Finally Revealed

Hi everyone! How's your day progressing so far? We've had a terribly hot day followed by an endless down pour that lasted well throughout the evening. I think some cheering up might be in order, don't you think so? Like revealing the winners to my giveaway, perhaps? :)

If you remember my last draw, I'm sure you'd understand that I love doing this the traditional way...

Well there you go! The winner to my original piece is the one and only...

...and three lucky winners to the $10 shopping vouchers at The Wish Forest are...

Natasha May of Natasha May Art World
Lissa of Don't Rain on Mondays

Now that sure is a cheerful way to end my day! I hope you'll find plenty of things to be happy about and end the day with a huge smile on your face. :)


Tuesday, 6 March 2012


There are far too many Big Bad Wolves roaming the earth.
Sadly, never with the noblest intentions.

Just a small tribute to Little Red and my prompt for Illustration Friday. :)

Friday, 2 March 2012

Fantasy Portraits

Do you like custom portraits? Do you sometimes wonder what you'd look like on a piece of paper? Well, over the past few years I have been taking commissions to do drawings of people's faces through my own little business, Fantasy Portraits and enjoying every bit of it. It's always fun to capture specific characters and draw them in their own fantasy... a lot like telling someone else' stories through my eyes. Some people have asked me if I had learned this skill in college, but unfortunately I didn't, just something I learned by doing. Although I wish I did...imagine how much skill I could have picked up! But hey, if you're interested to learn, you could always check out the art classes at available online universities. :)

Well anyway, these drawings were ordered by my special bloggy friend, Lia (whose blog I absolutely adore, by the way!). She asked me to draw her shy little girl and the big sister who loves dogs so much. I guess what I enjoyed most about these were the fact that I drew them in my illustrative style instead of the usual photographic finish that people mostly ask for. It's a different kind of challenge and I've decided to offer my services through my Etsy shop too.

How about you? Have you ever commissioned anyone to do your portrait? Or maybe drawn some yourself? Any special experiences? I'd love to hear them! :)

PS: Just a reminder that my giveaway is now officially closed. I will draw the winners and share them with you soon! Ooooh... I can't wait!!! :)