Friday, 25 May 2012

Craft Ideas - Flying Fairies

I wanted to surprise my daughter with a little something yesterday, and while she was at school, I got out my crafting box, then started getting busy...

First, I used these printouts of fairies and colored them in.

Then I cut them out along the shapes, leaving a small gap between the line and the edges for easier manuveure.

Next, stick the cutout fairies onto cardstock paper and cut along the edges once more.

After that, punch a hole on the top and attach a ribbon for hanging.

And there you have it... flying fairies to brighten up your little sweetling's room!
(which by the way she loved!)

If you'd like to get cracking and make something similar, my fairies are available here.

Have fun, everyone!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Stepping Back into the Light


Two years ago I created a series of black and white drawings that I named "Sow Your Light" to help relief the tragedy that struck in my country, Indonesia. I am still beyond grateful for the donations that many of you contributed to help the victims, and I think having these drawings shipped to their new homes was probably one of the most gratifying moments for me as an artist. So again, thank you to all of you who had been so kind as to lend a helping hand for my people. God bless you.

As of today, these nymphs are back in a brand new look, readily available as fine art prints in my shop.

Have a beautiful day!


Friday, 18 May 2012

An Owl on My Desk

A tiny winged creature flew through the window and into my bedroom last night....

...whispered sweet little "hoot, hoot" and perched himself on my table.

This morning, he requested a shiny new coat of colors to make him stand out from the rest... I painted him a silvery blue color with hints of lilac to make him sparkle under the moonlight.


I discovered this lovely owl on my last weekend family trip (in case you're wondering if I had carved him out of wood myself). I learned that he was traditionally handmade by the local craftsmen and sold locally for tourists who came to visit the area. Unfortunately, there has not been much exposure to their business and they only receive a relatively small amount of opportunities to what I think should be a lot bigger than they have now. So I'm thinking of collaborrating with these talented local craftsmen to recreate other little owlettes (maybe other creatures too!) and sell them in my shop. Just lending a hand to help them thrive better in a much larger forest. :)

The Blue Owl is now perching and hooting happily in my shop. Maybe you'd like to pay him a visit and help me support our local craftsmen? :)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Spring Within the Rain


The rain has been visiting quite a lot lately, even more than we've expected. Don't get me wrong, I love rain. My head seems to work better when the sky is grey and the weather is chilly. While most people would pray for clear blue skies and bright sunshine, I prefer gloomy clouds above and the sound of rain tapping on my windows. I guess I'm just strange that way. :)

But even as the wind blew tiredlessly outside, I had spring in mind when I drew this sweet looking little girl named Zoe. Just look at her beautiful clear blue eyes. Now tell me, how can you not think of blue skies when you look into a pair of eyes like those? I was told that she likes running, dancing, flowers and dresses. Isn't that adorable? I just hope she likes the drawing when it arrives at her door.

Anyway, here are a few reminders of bright sun shiny days in the middle of the pouring rain outside...


So toodleloo for now, darlings! Rain or sunshine, I hope you have a smile on your face. :)



My special thanks for the inspirations:
1 - Spring floral scarf by BglorifiedBoutique 
2 - Soft Pink Tulips photograph by CarlaDyck 
3 - Owl Home Decor by claylicious 
4 - Turquoise and gold earrings by stonepoetry 
5 - Teapot with Flowers art print by BellaAndBunny 
6 - Aqua placemats by toocutecustomcrafts 
7 - Lemon Art photography print by photographybykarina      

Monday, 14 May 2012

Images in a Day

Hello lovelies. How did your weekend go? I must say mine was like a huge tall glass of ice tea after days of going thirsty. Haha! We spent the whole Saturday outside, enjoying nature and finally getting our deserved dose of fresh air. Started off the day by visiting Mount Tangkuban Perahu National Park, admiring the beauty of the Queen Crater, and remembering the first time I had seen it as a child. It's always wonderful to relive your childhood memories and sharing a new one with your own children, isn't it? After that, we followed a trail and ventured into the woods. Something I have not done in a long time! The trees seemed to muffle the sounds from the nearby road and all we could hear were the birds chirping and the wind whistling softly. Then we ended the day horse riding and strawberry picking. All in all, it was a fantastic day and as you can see, my two older kids sure thought the same. How I wish we could have more days like this....

What about you? I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine. :)


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

In a Day's Work

After dawn...

...came sunset...

...from dusk...

...all the way to midnight.

I woke up early as usual yesterday and was greeted by a goddess on my drawing table. She's actually part of a commissioned work I was working on last month, and somehow I just couldn't let her stay "bare" anymore. So, I decided to gradually work on her all throughout the day, stealing bits of time here and there, drawing and adding colors on. Remember when I said last time how I felt deprived of working on my personal work? Well, this sure made up for it, big time. I'm just so glad that a commissioned work could extend to a further satisfying and pleasurable moment. I guess next time the trick is to stay resourceful and creative, with a handful of hope and faith in my pocket. *wink* 

Anyway, Flower the Midnight Goddess is now available as fine art prints in my shop, and the original drawing is also there waiting for a future home. On the shop front, I have a couple of special promotions for everyone! Check them out right here.

Hope to see you soon...I really miss visiting everyone! :)


Saturday, 5 May 2012

Working Away

I have been swamped with commissioned work and staying up late every night for the past couple of weeks. It's been quite tough, especially because I still have to take care of the three little birdies during the day. It's a good thing I can steal an hour or two of sleep while nursing the baby, but still, I have been living like a bat for days and I'm sure that can't be good.

Funny, though. As much as I like doing these commissions, I find it a little depressing that I don't have any time left to do my own personal work. Do you know what it's like to have visions and ideas in your head but can do very little to pour them out because you're working on something else? My God, it's nerve wrecking! See that Pink Bunny up there? Well, he was in my head while I was working on a sketch one night. And because he's so cute and adorable, I thought it would be better to have him on paper instead of letting him jump around and distract me up there. To my surprise, I felt much better. Maybe you just can't surpress some things. I know I'm glad I let it out, even it if had cost me time. :)

Anyway, I really wish I'd get the chance to visit my favorite blogs and wonderful friends very soon. Sorry for being so quiet lately, I hope life is good where you are!