Monday, 13 May 2013

Nymphs in the Studio

Hello friends. I know that it's probably getting old, but I'm afraid I must yet again start writing a new post with another apology for neglecting this blog. I still wish I had more free hours in a day so I could just spend more time doing the things I love most, and being here is one of them. Oh how I miss blog hopping and visiting all of you.... I really hope life is good where you are.

On a more cheerful note, I must admit that I've been enjoying loads of creative time in the studio. And for someone like me, that is a very good thing. I'm glad that these days I'm in a much better spirit while finishing work and meeting deadlines so I can have more time creating my personal stuff. Ideas are running around merrily in my head and I'm more than happy to draw them out everyday. :)

It's a bit strange though, but I've been drawing more and more fantasy themed pieces lately. Fairies, nymphs and creatures alike seem to monopolize my imagination, while I also seem to have this urge to draw decorative botanical elements to go along with them. My sketch pad is filled with doodles of swirly plants and odd looking flowers, and I don't even know what triggered this new craving!

I think it's always best to just keep drawing and pouring ideas onto paper while the mood is good and the drive is strong, without so much questioning everything else. I'm not quite sure where my nymphs will take me, but I'm no doubt enjoying the ride!

How about you? What are you into these days? I'd love to hear it, so do share! :)