Sunday, 29 January 2012

Stepping Forward

To me, creating art is a journey...
With one departure and one final destination.
Each creation bears the past, present and future.
Carrying the essence of a dream to move forward,
one step at a time.

The Life of a Rose, pencils and watercolor on paper

My art is a journal of my unspoken words.
It takes me to places I've never seen and show me my own true reflection.

So come closer and tell me... does it speak to you?

Amalia, oxx 

Thursday, 26 January 2012


Remember that wonderful era when paper dolls were so much more fun than Barbie dolls? Well, I finally found some time to work with my scissors and glue the other day...


It was so refreshing to make these little girls, I think I might even make more and expand the family! Doesn't it feel good to relive your childhood memories? What kind of toys did you play with as a child?

Amalia, oxx

Monday, 23 January 2012


 Thumbelina, mixed mediums, 8x10 inches

Thinking of purple skies, blue lagoons and pink butterflies....
Must be something in the air...could February be fast approaching?

I hope you find a teeny Thumbelina romance today.

Amalia, oxx

Friday, 20 January 2012

A Dash of Blue

Sometimes BLUE is the perfect HUE when you're feeling....well....BLUE.

Thanks to these lovely finds, I now have a smile on my face. (^_^)

1 - Art print by Michele Maule
2 - Notebook by sparrownestscript
3 - Greeting card by poosac
4 - Mug by Shebbo Design
5 - Cotton tape by lillalotta
6 - Brooch by tiger & hare

Amalia, oxx

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Picture Perfect

When I was little, one of my favorite games was to play house. Not a day would pass by for me without building the perfect home under my mom's precious lacy curtains, surrounded by an array of dining chairs as my sturdy walls. Of course, I had my own family too. An old teddy bear as Daddy, a rag doll as my darling baby, and myself as Mommy. Oh, we were just the most perfect family there ever was.

Take Flight, mixed mediums on paper

What I didn't learn as a child, was that building a family is also work, work, work. That image in my head of a picture perfect household became a mental goal to pursue and some days proved to be a lot harder than the rest. In fact, I think I remember feeling so tired and disappointed at some point that I wonder how on earth I could ever be so gullible to carry on that perfect image too far into my adulthood. Well, serves me right for living behind rose tinted glasses most of my life.

But don't worry, I have not broken down and about to give up on that pretty image. I think as an artist, I am truly blessed to have the ability to render any picture I have in my head and turn it into something more vivid and real for myself. I have learned to trim all excess frills and ribbons that once decorated my frame, and carry on with my journey with an image that suits me for who I am.

So to those of you about to tie the knot and head into the wilds of marriage and family life, please try to keep in mind that not everyday will be a carnival ride with cotton candy and colorful balloons. But when it is, be thankful and savor each moment that lasts. Just a little advice, from one student to another. :)


Amalia, oxx


I have 24 unopened mails in my inbox and some I know are from my lovely blogger friends. I'm sorry for being too quiet lately and not replying to any of them. You are truly some of the sweetest people I have ever came across and thank you for being so kind to check up on me. More hugs to you! oxx

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Shining under the Clouds

So it's 2012. Twelve long years after all the "millennium" buzz and fuss...and where are we at now? Hmm. I'm still asking myself the same question every year, and most likely for the years ahead too. Like anyone working in the creative fields, it's probably best for me to think about where my art is heading this year. A couple of friends had already asked me why my work seems to be changing into a different direction these days...what's with all the sudden "cuteness"? And all I could do was laugh.

Call for Rain, mixed mediums, 2011

To be honest, I have been undergoing self therapy for some time now. A going-mad-prevention kind of therapy, to be exact (^_^). I must admit the last few months of 2011 had been immensely hard for my fragile soul and tapping too deep into my inner thoughts was a huge no-no at the time. Hence the "cute" drawings, as my friends had kindly put it. Sometimes it's best to think only of happy thoughts and put aside the heavy stuff for days with bluer skies.

I can only hope this new year will bring us more wonderful moments to cherish and plenty of time to reflect, no matter how hard life gets.

Best wishes to all,

Amalia, oxx