Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Girl with No Face

If there is one thing I have learnt over the years about being an artist, is that we are forever changing and continuously evolving. In my own personal cases, my work tends to show changes when I become restless or unsure about something essential. This, I'm afraid, has happened quite a lot in the past. Not very practical, I know, but it is how it is. It is who I am.

Given the state of mind and emotional changes I went through over the past few months, I have noticed some drastic developments in my work. It was to be expected, of course. Like all sudden changes, I had my share of hard times dealing with them. And like many times before, learning to accept them is usually the easier way to go...

Those of you who have continued following my posts over at Instagram may have seen this change. Is it temporary or permanent? That question stays unanswered until today. All I know is that my work, myself both as a person and an artist is a working progress. I don't think any of us stays the same through time. Our world, the people in our lives and the personal experiences we encounter will continue to shape us as a person. Maybe this is one of the bumps in the road that have truly shaken me, enough to wake me up completely and really look around with open eyes.

I don't suppose I'll see the last of these changes. For better or worse, I know that the only way to do now is to embrace it. Because again, it is how it is. It is who I am.

Have you ever experienced anything like this before? If so, please share your stories here with us. I know we can only benefit from them.

Your friend,

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Project Happiness

While I was away in my own little island, I tried my best not to wander off too much from my usual routines. I didn't want my family to think there was anything wrong and I knew confining myself into my studio would bring up all sorts of questions that I wouldn't be able to answer. After all, taking a break from the world doesn't necessarily mean you have to cut yourself off from the ones you love. So I carried on with my life. Took care of the kids, did the chores, even let myself work every now and then.

Here is one of the projects that actually kept me happy...

As a little girl, I grew up adoring Pooh and his friends. I remember having all kinds of collectible items in my possession...dolls, books, figurines, clothes, name it, I probably got it! So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I was asked to work on this special commission. To recreate the whole gang in their original classic style, from scratch. All the long hours and hard labor really paid off when I finally got them all gathered up for their group shot. Now, don't they look cute? :)

I'm glad that I decided to keep my hands busy during my troubled period. It can be lonely up there in my head, and working on these guys brought back some wonderful childhood memories. I'm so thankful mine was a happy one.


Sunday, 17 July 2016

Still Here

It's been almost a year since my last post. I have no bizarre excuse or extraordinary story to explain my absence. Just the urgent need to step back and rethink my purposes in life. Never an easy thing to do, but I knew it was the only way to keep going. When you find yourself constantly questioning the world and the people in it, you are bound to question your own thoughts and actions. It wasn't pretty, and I must admit I still struggle with the answers I found. But here I am, moving on.

The months went by very slowly on hard days, but I found that some days were quite easy to get through when I tried doing things that I enjoyed the most. Exploring new areas and stepping outside of my comfort zone...


So you see, I haven't all together broken down and disappeared into thin air. I'm thankful to many of you who have taken the time to send me messages, asking how I was. You truly are such wonderful friends.

Yes, I was troubled in a way. Something has put an abrupt halt to my pace and taken me to a place where I could view my life from afar. I am grateful for this intervention. Now I can see everything in better perspectives and carry on with a new light on life. So please, stick around, dear friends. Expect more great times here in my happy place. I'll do the best I can to bring them back to you. :)

Much love,