Friday, 27 February 2015

Victorian Playtime

Sharing with you a collection of treasures inspired by the Victorian Era...
Please click the images to visit their links.

...and a new piece of drawing in my shop to wrap it up...

Wishing you plenty of inspirations for the rest of the week, dear friends... See you soon! :)

With love,

Sunday, 22 February 2015

One Last Respect

My grandmother passed away just a week ago on Valentine's Day at the age of 87. Unlike gloomy situation we usually experience on a sad event like this, I witnessed such a relaxed and peaceful gathering of people, paying their last respects to a loved one. No one cried aloud or kept a longing sad face. Instead, we talked about fond memories and how we will keep her close to our hearts. I think, that is how I would want my final farewell to the world to be like.

I know it's never easy to talk about death. When we think about it, we are reminded of remorse and the fear of what comes after. No one knows what lies ahead and the unknown is always one territory that we tend to steer clear off. I myself, try to think of death as a gate to another realm that we are meant to enter one day. Inevitably, whether we like it or not. What we leave behind in the world with our loved ones will be our legacy. Our words and actions will be saved in memories, hopefully kind enough to never be forgotten.

My grandmother's passing has reminded me of my own presence in the world. The purpose of my existence and how far I've walked down the path. It is such an overwhelming feeling to see your life flashes before you and to know that time freezes for no one. One day that farewell will come. It is up to us to create the best possible memories within the precious period of time we have left.

So take a deep breath dear ones, the blank pages await us...

Much love,