Saturday, 14 September 2013

Blog Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Hello lovelies. So nice to have a fraction of time to stop by and finally write something... You might have wondered why I seem to only post and run these days. Believe me, I hate not being able to spend time here like I used to. This blog was once a gathering place for me and my wonderful blog friends, to chat, to exchange thoughts or just to meet and be merry. Unfortunately, I've noticed more and more art blogs are becoming less active and to be frank, it kind of saddens me. Especially because mine is one of them.

Of course life keeps evolving even for bloggers, not to mention the time we need to focus on work, family and those precious little bits saved only for ourselves. I for one have tried to include running this blog among my top priorities for years, but I think there are times when there's just not enough strength to follow through. But when I read my Reading List to visit my favorite blogs today, it really surprised me that so many of them have not even written anything for weeks and some in months! To be honest, I don't want my blog to be neglected. It would be so sad to see something I've worked so hard to build and kept living all this time to just wither away and die.

So I think this is my very, very late new year's resolution. I should step up and turn on my horse power to bring the life and luster back to this blog. By the pile of deadlines that hunts me down and the huge basket of dirty laundry that screams at me every single day! :)

Thank you, dear friends, for always coming back and sticking around. The blog world is an awesome place because of you.

With love,

Saturday, 7 September 2013

When Skies are Grey...

 ...sometimes it's best to just let life take its time....

Wishing you all a quietly unraveling end of the week.... Please click on each image to visit its link ♥

With love,