Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Messenger

The Messenger, mixed mediums

my dear sweet golden bird,
fly for me into the sky
and tell the world of my woes and wishes

spread your wings and soar
while the moon hides behind the shadows
and the stars shy away from your eyes

I love you, my sweet golden bird
you sing my tales 
and cast away my burdens

with you I will keep on singing
until dawn rises and shadows disappear



Thank you all my wonderful friends for staying with me all through the year
and letting me share with you pieces of my mind and my heart.
I hope the next year will be another blessed one.

May all your nights be filled with stars above.

Amalia, oxx  

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

'Tis the Season to be Knitting

I must admit that knitting fascinates me. Besides the fact that it's harder than it looks and I failed miserably at my only attempt years ago, I also find it incredible how so many ideas are born and people are able to transform these ideas just by knitting them. It's amazing how I could type in the word "knit" on Etsy alone and end up with thousands of options, from sweaters to art, from scarves to toys, even socks to knitted beards. Now, how on earth would we ever survive without knitted beards? :)

Kitty Knitting, pencils on paper, 6x8 inches

Well, here are some gorgeous items I found on Etsy under the word "knit"....

1 - Little Bear Hat by SaraLagace
2 - Yes to Yarn by TrishaBrinkDesign
3 - Knit Stitch Knitting by pspress
4 - Marine Neckwarmer by Stylishknitting
5 - Mohair Fingerless Gloves by LoveandKnit
6 - Ecru Knit Bag - by Nzlbags
7 - Knitty, knitty by ashleyg
8 - Blue Knitted Pillow by MissWool

So if  the weather is cold where you are and now the festive season is just around the corner...maybe it's time put on the fire and knit your dreams away! :)

Amalia, oxx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Drawing Away

 Hello Yoyo, colored pencils on paper, 5x7 inches

Sleep Tight My Bear, colored pencils on paper, 6x8 inches

 Fly Home Birdie, colored pencils on paper, 6x8 inches

Hello lovelies! Is December flowing smoothly for you? As you can see, I've gotten carried away making these mini drawings with my pencils... It's so meditative, especially because I can start one in the morning and have it done after sundown. Somehow I feel happier knowing that I've accomplished something for the day. I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm also enjoying these simple childish theme...everything is just uncomplicated and straightforward, unlike life in general. Wouldn't you agree? :)

And on an even much happier note...guess what the postman brought me the other day!

...Yes, yes, Oona is here!! If you remember, I won a giveaway from Jess Quinn not long ago and I'm so excited now that it's finally here. Thanks again, Jess, for this wonderful gift. She will be treasured always.

Okay, back to my drawings... a lovely December to you all!

Amalia, oxx

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Dear Anne

Cloud Dancing, colored pencils on paper, 2010

My dear Anne,

This is a special note for you… I’m so terribly sad to learn about your news, and it makes me mad to think that this horrible disease has entered the life of so many of my friends and beloved ones. But I know that you will fight it with all your might because you are without a doubt, one of the strongest people I know with a huge passion for life.

Please keep in your mind and in your heart that your friends will always be there to hold your hands, whether near or far. Never lose faith because I know you have plenty and even so much more to share as you have been doing all this time.

Just keep dancing, my friend, even when the clouds hover above your head.

Hugs and kisses,
Amalia oxox

Monday, 5 December 2011

A Small Reunion

In case you're wondering... No, I haven't disappeared into thin air. Just got a little lost inside the woods and had some struggle coming back. I must admit that I felt like I was racing round and round in a circle for the last few weeks and all I wanted was to find a way out of the cycle just so I could take a long deep breath. Well I did. With the help of some very, very old and loyal  friends I have put aside inside the cupboard for too long... My colored pencils.

For those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning, you might remember that I started off as a pencil artist and in time I got weary of how time consuming working with pencils seemed to be. So regretfully, I ventured off to explore other mediums and my pencils were neglected. What really strikes me is that now I actually have found a way to slow down with these old friends. Somehow time seems to walk in slow motion when I draw, and each  layer of color proves to be therapeutic. It's wonderful how I can comeback to my drawing table in between the chaos and sneak in a few minutes each time while the drawing just waits there patiently. :)

So yes. I'm still exhausted, overwhelmed sometimes. But now I have a little time capsule that shuts out all the noise and craziness outside.

Five minutes at a time is good enough for me. For now. :)


After thinking through many sunsets and cups of coffee , I've finally decided that my blog needs a new name. So as you can see at the top, my header will tell you just that. Hopefully it will bring me many more happy moments with all of you. Thank you for being such great company and sticking around all this time.

Love you guys!