Saturday, 10 December 2011

Dear Anne

Cloud Dancing, colored pencils on paper, 2010

My dear Anne,

This is a special note for you… I’m so terribly sad to learn about your news, and it makes me mad to think that this horrible disease has entered the life of so many of my friends and beloved ones. But I know that you will fight it with all your might because you are without a doubt, one of the strongest people I know with a huge passion for life.

Please keep in your mind and in your heart that your friends will always be there to hold your hands, whether near or far. Never lose faith because I know you have plenty and even so much more to share as you have been doing all this time.

Just keep dancing, my friend, even when the clouds hover above your head.

Hugs and kisses,
Amalia oxox


  1. What a beautiful illustration. I love the texture of her dress. May God bless Anne.

    Amalia, you are so sweet to do this. Tsup!

  2. Amalia, well how beautiful and full of joy. The contrast of the smile and the rain, the umbrella sheltering us from the elements. My thoughts are with your friend.

  3. Beautiful words for a beautiful and strong lady. Your drawing for Anne is so sweet, Amalia. I am certain she will be touched by it. Bless you. I think one reason Anne will beat this is because she is surrounded with the love of her friends from everywhere around the world. How great is that?
    ♥ audrey

  4. Ah, how sad about Anne, may she be protected and guided each step of the way.

    such a lovely way to honor her Amalia.

  5. Beautiful Amalia! And thank you so much!
    I am doing good, just pushing along. Going to beat this thing, one way or the other, so I get to wear that red coat and dance in the rain!
    Mille Grazie!


  6. Ditto, and Amen!

    Aw, Amalia, how wonderfully sweet and thoughtful. She is beautiful and uplifting. My thoughts are with Anne and other dear ones who are currently battling.


  7. Such a beautiful tribute to a friend. I wish her strength and health in the days to come.

  8. Just stunning. I love the delicate coloring and the flow of her hair!

  9. Lovely note to Anne - I dropped over there to leave her one too!

    Hugs Amalia


  10. amalia, this is so personal and beautiful and means so much. i am a friend of anne's and i know how uplifting this gift of yours is to her. i am glad to come here to see it.


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