Monday, 5 December 2011

A Small Reunion

In case you're wondering... No, I haven't disappeared into thin air. Just got a little lost inside the woods and had some struggle coming back. I must admit that I felt like I was racing round and round in a circle for the last few weeks and all I wanted was to find a way out of the cycle just so I could take a long deep breath. Well I did. With the help of some very, very old and loyal  friends I have put aside inside the cupboard for too long... My colored pencils.

For those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning, you might remember that I started off as a pencil artist and in time I got weary of how time consuming working with pencils seemed to be. So regretfully, I ventured off to explore other mediums and my pencils were neglected. What really strikes me is that now I actually have found a way to slow down with these old friends. Somehow time seems to walk in slow motion when I draw, and each  layer of color proves to be therapeutic. It's wonderful how I can comeback to my drawing table in between the chaos and sneak in a few minutes each time while the drawing just waits there patiently. :)

So yes. I'm still exhausted, overwhelmed sometimes. But now I have a little time capsule that shuts out all the noise and craziness outside.

Five minutes at a time is good enough for me. For now. :)


After thinking through many sunsets and cups of coffee , I've finally decided that my blog needs a new name. So as you can see at the top, my header will tell you just that. Hopefully it will bring me many more happy moments with all of you. Thank you for being such great company and sticking around all this time.

Love you guys! 



  1. Amalia, these are truly beautiful. I especially love the girl with the fish balloons. The texture is screaming and jumping out of my screen!!! Hope you and your loved ones are well. Tsup!

  2. Love them! great skill and expression.
    Colored pencils are meditative :-}

    Adorable work.


  3. I love these. I also love colored pencil art and using them myself. So glad you can find moments that feel good to you, may you always have these moments!

  4. header dan judul blog terasa lebih personal. love it ^^

  5. It certainly appears that they have missed you, too! These drawings are beautiful!

  6. I REALLY like that red haired girl with the fish balloons, and I'm a guy. What's wrong with me??

    Never stray too far from your wooden pencils because you're a natural. You got the gift!

  7. your pencil is magic.
    maybe that means you can also
    draw in all you need for you too.
    wishing you rest & replenishment.

  8. Yes, they do take more time but they are therapeutic I think. It's like Ces, with all of her squiggles, it just makes you feel better ;) They are lovely, the one with the fish is my favorite though.

  9. they are beautiful. i too love working with colored pencils; i love listening to the pen on paper, i find that sound very relaxing... nice to see you have not vanished :)
    xo sandra

  10. I love your two lovelies! Yes, they look very patient. And quite good listeners, too. I SO want a fishy balloon! And I'm tickled that her hair is shaped like a whale. :) It's nice to see you have found your old friends again. Together, you create wondrous things.

    Love your new blog name and header too! xoxoxo

  11. Glad you reconnected with your colored pencils! Lucky for us. Wonderful work!!

  12. I love your pencil paintings and I didn't realise you'd changed to a different medium. They're so perfect for being able to leave to one side when you're needed elswhere in a hurry aren't they?!
    Jess xx

  13. Gorgeous, Amalia!! And I do love your new blog header and name..I am sticking around for as long as you blog and share with us your amazing work. I am happy that you rediscovered your old friends!

  14. Lovely drawings Amalia. Your blog looks wonderful and refreshed too. :)x

  15. Oh I love these, Amalia. The girl with the tree and stars is especially sweet. I used to be so afraid of colored pencils - but I rather like them now. Enjoy your special moments when you can!

  16. What a beautiful blog you have, I've just fallen in love with your wonderful artwork, so expressive and wonderfully rendered. Keep up the great work. <3

  17. amalia, i feel the same way about my colored pencils, though they don't reward me (or i them) with the same kind of talent and detail yours do you.

    i'm here at the onset of your new blog, you dancing between chaos and exuberance?

    no coincidence... :^)

  18. Ah yes UI can see you coming back to your old self, welcome back :) well your new header is funfunfunfun :) I thought boy you started another blog... :)

    the coloured pencils are obviously meditative, like doing weights, did you know that? because you must remember how many you have done , now tlet's see that is one rep of 8.97 and it took me 7.5 seconds to do 3.6 of them so the going rate is ... see it is impossible to worry about the state of the fish and chip chop down the road when you do weights :)

    But seriosly, err seriously , these works have weight to them, I think their is more of your soul perhaps, perhaps it has something to do with the time spent with the image, maybe that brings out the visual metaphors...

    hope you are well... :) they have reduced my lithium to a kilo a week ...

    :) see ya!

  19. oh and I love the fish balloons and the tree for a soul...

  20. I love this, Amalia. The girl with the trees and stars especially sweet. I had be afraid even of colored pencils but instead I love them now.

    Peter Pilotto

  21. Glad I caught this post - Oh I love the way these look like your work when I first found your blog! I just love your art!!!!!!!
    Hope you continue to find little snippets of time amidst the cacophony of little voices to reder these precious drawings and share them with us!
    I left you a little note over on FB too but had to come visit as I have been missing you and your art!

    Happiest of joyful holidays to you and your family!

  22. WOW!!! Love your splendid girls!!!

  23. Glad to hear you're finding your way back. I think I've been much too distracted lately, thinking I have to be at the computer at all times, forgetting to take the time to work hands on.

  24. Your artist and creative mind really great.This type of picture looking really good.


  25. I love this. I also love colored pencil art and use myself. So glad you can find moments that feel good to you, you may have always these moments!

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