Saturday, 19 March 2011

Something for Japan and Something for Me

A few days ago, my daughter asked me about earthquakes and why they're happening everywhere around the world. She asked me if the earth is mad at us for not taking care of it and what would happen if  the whole world is shaken. Would we all die? Wow, the things that burden the mind of a seven year old today just blow me away. Unlike the old days when all I thought about was what games I was going to play after school and waited for the evening to come so I could watch the next episode of Scooby Doo. Such irony never really settles. Like bad indigestion.

So for the people of Japan, I pray for their safety and speedy return to their normal way of life. As people always say every little bit counts, I'm donating a portion of each sale from these prints in my Etsy shop.

You can also help donate for Japan by purchasing items from the shops of Etsy ARTIST AID team. And despite of some people showing bad opinions of this disaster online because of events in the past, it's just good to know that so many of us still care. Honestly, people. A grudge can bring out something a lot worse than bad indigestion.

Well anyway, a little happy talk now. I don't think I'll ever tire myself from saying how kind blogging has been to me. So many great people to meet and lovely friends to have. One of them, I met over a year ago by chance. A fantastic writer with so many interesting stories to tell, Leah Marie Brown, at her fantastic blog, On Life, Love & Accidental Adventures. Her passion and extensive knowledge of Marie Antoinette and the life that evolved around her in the 18th century were the things that brought me to a halt at her blog. And that she shares her fascinating experiences from her travelings around the world makes it even easier for me to keep coming back. As it happens, she has been very generous to include a little snippet of myself and my work on her blog. It was like having a chat over a hot cup of coffee and delicious pastries, which apparently we both seem to go weak for. Thank you Leah, for the wonderful chat and the chance to reveal a little bit of myself on your blog. :)

I hope you are all having great days and keeping love in your heart.

Amalia, oxx

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Cycle

The Cycle, mixed mediums

Grow, tiny light
Cast upon me your magic spell
Caress my soul with your warmth, and
soothe my aching heart with your love

You are the seeker of truth
Intoxicated by the scent of life
Bewitched by the motion
that comes to a complete circle

Thank you, tiny light
For bringing light upon darkness
For showing hope above fear, and
igniting fire in the cold

You are a gift I bear in my hands
To love and to care
Today and the days after

Sleep tight, my love
I shall wait for the day we meet

A kiss for now. Until then.


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Hidden in the Night

Blackbird Calling, mixed mediums

The night is whispering. It's singing to me, of a million tiny secrets.
Some about the past, some about the present and little about the life after.
Do you hear it too?
Do you find comfort in the night as I do?
When hints of light sparkle across the black sky,
and silence engulf the air surrounding you?

It's true. The night is my solitude. 
It is my freedom. My sanctuary.
When Time slows down in my mind,
and showers me with rays of dreams.

At least before I stir and awaken.


The Expedition, mixed mediums

Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Garden Tamer (IF - Swarm)

The Garden Tamer, mixed mediums

A little piece of mind to all fellow artists, whether accepting or in denial...

Art is a universe.

We can grow and thrive in it
or simply stand still and fade away
Whichever you choose, it's your decision alone

You may shine and claim your prize
Accept all the attentions
and bask under the lime light

you become untouchable, 
one of a kind

But are you, really?

After all, you are nothing but human
and humans roam this art universe in millions
swarming it like a flood of hungry souls
Sometimes thinking in similar ways
Feeling similar emotions
Expressing them in similar meanings.

So artists, can you claim inspirations?

Just because you love fairy tale, doesn't mean you have exclusive rights.
Just because you're romantic, doesn't mean others can't be.
Just because you admire certain artists, doesn't mean others won't.
Just because you master poetry, doesn't mean you're entitled to it alone.

You simply are not.

Other artists may boldly or secretly follow your steps.
But many, will always stick to their own.
Similar or not to yours.
It doesn't make them followers, especially if assumption is all you have.

So please, be perceptive.
Stay humble.
Stay true.

After all, if you really are one of a kind, why worry?

Good thoughts to all, Amalia, oxx