Saturday, 28 April 2012

Inspiration List: Magical Dreamland


Sending you a handful of stars and a dash of butterfly kisses
To wish you plenty of magic in your dream tonight...



Thank you for the inspirations:

1 - Midnight by Amanda Clark (earthangelsarts)
2 - Hyphae ring by nervoussystem 
3 - Butterfly photography by bomobob
4 - Tulle landscape dress by xiaolizi
5 - Wishing orb necklace by ClassicKeepsakes
6 - Clothed in Silver by karendavis
7 - Morrocan candle lantern by LITdecor

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Starts 26th April at 10am EDT
Ends 27th April at 10am EDT

The Wish Forest

See you there soon!!


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A Finished Portrait and the Giveaway Winner

Hi all! I've finally finished this portrait of a little girl named Valentina. Don't you think she's a natural beauty? Just look at those huge brown eyes and abundance of wavy hair... I must admit it took me a couple of days to finish her hair alone, but I absolutely enjoyed it! There's nothing more calming than drawing hair and day dreaming in the same time. :))

Now onto bigger things! As promised, I'd also like to announce the winner to the special giveaway I hosted for Meadowbelle Market. And from all the names that entered, one lucky name was drawn...

Congratulations to Rachel from All I Did Was Listen!! 

I must tell you that hosting this giveaway had been a lovely experience for me. So look out, I might just make a habit out of it! Meanwhile, I hope you are having a marvelous day. If not, remember to take a deep breath and relax. :)


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Images in a Day

The morning starts with a bouquet of pencils...


...and the day ended with my afternoon coffee smelling so deliciously. :)

So how are you, my lovelies? What have you been up to? I've been busy doing quite a lot of commissioned work lately. A few drawings are still waiting to be finished and my hand has been working hard mostly throughout the day. It's a shame that I don't have more time to work on my personal stuff... I have a couple of ideas in my head that might require using some of my long neglected craft supplies! Those poor things, they've been asleep far too long. :)

Well the good thing is, I have been spending more time in the nursery too. Just playing with baby Rayyan who turned 6 months a couple of weeks ago. He's really such a sweet, friendly and lovely little bundle of joy. I think he's probably my easiest one to handle! So calm and generally sweet tempered, he hardly ever cries and always has a smile on his face. We all just love him so much...and spoil him rotten with oodles of hugs and kisses!

And before I forget, just a quick reminder that my giveaway is still up and running. So please feel free to take part by leaving a comment on the post. Who knows, your name might come out as the winner! :)

Have a fantastic day, everyone!


Monday, 16 April 2012

Treasuring the Moment and A Special Giveaway

A brand new week is here! And I'm so excited because I can finally share this very special post with you. I'm sure spring has already settled in nicely in most parts of the world. The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and love is strongly in the air. No doubt wedding bells are sounding off their pretty sound and lovers are bound together in the precious knot that entwines their hearts forever as one. Inspired by the 1920s themed custom portrait I did recently, here is a new piece I created to celebrate the beautiful season...

The Bride, pencils and digital mediums (original available here)

And to step further into the celebration, let me introduce to you, two inspiring sisters who work each day, creating treasures for that special moment in life!

Meet the twins, Aundrea and Erin. They are the creators behind Meadowbelle Market, a shop at Etsy that specializes in modern wedding jewelry with a twist of vintage. As little girls, these ladies had always dreamed of working closely together one day and now their business is proof that dreams really do come true. Together, they design and create beautiful handmade sterling silver jewelry, from rings to necklaces, bracelets to earrings, even personalized charms!

Don't you think they're gorgeous? Well, you're in luck, because Aundrea and Erin are letting me host a special giveaway for them right here! And this is the beautiful piece you can win...


All you need to do is be a follower of my blog and leave a comment right here. The giveaway will be closed on 22nd April and a winner will be announced in the following week.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Did it bring up some wonderful memories of your wedding day? And how about you, brides-to-be? Feeling inspired? :)

Hugs and kisses to you!


Meadowbelle Market links:
Etsy shop

Friday, 13 April 2012

Exercising Imperfection

Wow. I can't believe almost a week has gone by without a single post from me. No, no, I haven't turned to vapor and disappeared into thin air. Just been drowning myself in work, still trying to figure out how to make time expand a little and maybe spare an extra hour or two? :) To make things more difficult, sometimes I could be so demanding and expect too much from myself. Yeah, well. Seeking perfection is a self inflicted pain, that's what I always say to myself. Why? Well probably because I'm a hopeless perfectionist. I could go back to my "finished" work and declare that it isn't. Always more details to be added, more shadings to be refined. Maybe that sounds familiar to some of you?

 Selena, pencil on paper

 Sarah, pencil on paper

Well, drawing these girls was an exercise for me. A little encouragement to enjoy imperfection and a chance to tell myself that sometimes it's best to leave things just the way they are. :)

Have a gorgeous day, everyone. Don't forget to take a break and put your feet up!


PS: I have something very special up my sleeve and will share it with you soon. Be sure to comeback and check it out! :)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

A Golden Era

Hello my lovelies! The weekend is finally here and I can't wait to just unwind (for a change!) after quite a busy week . So how did yours go? Had any special projects that got you running around like the Easter Bunny? :)

Well, this drawing was one of the commissions I've had to work on. As much as I like drawing custom portraits, what I like even more is creating the specific themes for them. For this particular one, I had the privilege to work with a super lovely lady, Victoria, who is a huge fan of The Ziegfeld Girls. So you can imagine my enthusiasm as I plunge myself researching for the perfect 1920s outfits. I swear, those days people can look their best effortlessly! The ladies with their stylish cloche hats and fur coats, the men with their suits and matching hats. Don't you just wish you could live in that golden era? :)

Unsurprisingly, I ended up spending hours just admiring Ziegfeld's gorgeous girls, and like most of my admirations, it lead to a couple of drawings of my own...


But what's special about these two drawings is that I finally have the chance to answer some of my followers' requests to create affordable originals for them to collect. So here they are, just for you. :)

I hope this weekend brings you plenty of happy moments and time to unwind.


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Inspiration List: Minty Ice Blues

Waking up to a refreshing splash of mint and icy blue hues...


Thanks to all these shops for the fabulous finds:

1. Wall art decoration by Pinkrain Shop
2. Vintage princess coat by zwzzy
3. Blown glass vase by AvolieGlass
4. Leather bracelet by pardes
5. Pool - Archival print by redbeandesign 
6. Papercut greeting card by Mimimicards
7. Umbrella pendant by SilentRoses
8. Glass tealights by aromacandles
9. Confetti - limited edition print by groundwork

Have a cool day, everyone!


Monday, 2 April 2012

Return to Me

You have flown away and left me alone in my own world of quiet contemplation
Where pain and loneliness are the only friends who whisper sweet love to my ears

If I only knew where you are now
If I only knew if you could hear my cry

Fly home and return to me
where this vacant heart awaits.


Art: Return to Me, color pencil on paper