Monday, 19 October 2015

Owls Forever

If there is one animal that could get me all googly eyed and warm inside, it's an owl. There's something so wonderfully majestic and adorable at the same time that sends my heart a flutter every time I see an image of them. I'm sure you've noticed that I've drawn and painted owls in my art so many times before. I mean, I can't help it...can you blame me? :)

Well, to those of you who share the same love for this amazing animal, here are some "owlsomeness" I have stumbled upon... (please click each image to visit the link)

See how owls have inspired so many people to create these wonderful treasures? Just as I was inspired to create these two new owl sculptures, in collaboration with the local traditional craftsmen. A project that I started a few years back.

I had loads of fun working on these two! So beware, expect more dashing cute owls parading through here very soon. Meanwhile, these owls have made their way to my shop and eagerly waiting to find a new home.

I hope you've enjoyed this owl collection. Believe me, I had such a hard time selecting which ones to post because I had found so many! Well, just another good reason for me to write a sequel, wouldn't you say so? ;)

Hoot hoot!

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  1. What a beautiful collection! Thank you for featuring my owls :)

  2. Amazing owly collection ! Thank you so much dear Amalia! :)

  3. yes, so many of us love owls.
    last night i watched a program about their amazing gifts.
    these are wonderful artful owl items.
    congratulations on your website!

  4. Hooray for owls! I love your little sculptures, too. And YAYYY!! Congrats on the new website. It looks absolutely fantastic! XOXO


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