Wednesday, 23 December 2009

How It All Began – Looking Through the Inspirational Work of Wayne Anderson

Somebody once asked me how I ended up choosing a career as an illustrator. Of course, there were so many reasons. To begin with, I had a consistent passion for drawing as a child. Not to mention the constant need to learn more about art and to make art of my own, and so on, and so on. But I’m sure as many people have experienced before, dreams and passions can easily get lost along the way.
So there I was, two years after getting out of college, stuck in a job that was making me numb. How classic. I wanted a change desperately and I never dreamed that all it would take was a trip to the bookstore, where I stumbled upon a book that was about to change my whole perspective forever. It was ‘Through a Looking Glass’, a book that features the incredible work of an accomplished British illustrator, Wayne Anderson. Being young and inexperienced, the name rang no bell at the time. I was, however, totally blown away by all the brilliant illustrations, which were unlike anything I had ever seen. It was like entering a hidden world of mystical creatures, faraway lands, loaded with fairy tales, both old and new.
That day, I felt something that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I was inspired. So, bought and paid for, the book became my sole companion through the last of my working days on that mind torturing job, before I decided to follow Wayne Anderson’s steps to pursue my long lost dream and passion. And the book? After ten wonderful years, it still sits on top of the book pile next to my drawing table, always a reliable friend whenever I need a helping dose of magic.

If I could, I would post every image in the book to show you his amazing talent, but since that would take forever, you can see Wayne Anderson's full gallery at his official website.

A little Note: 
Please send a written permission to the artist if you are interested to use any of his featured work here.


  1. I send my hug and a 2010 full of good things for you and yours ...
    Thanks for sharing so much of inspiration and magic.

  2. His work is beautiful. I have 'Thunbelina' that I bought for my daughter when she was young. (I wanted it for me really!) Thanks so much for the inspiration. Happy christmas and new year!xx

  3. I'm glad you shared this. I'm off to to see what I can find of his there. When I first got into Children's Books and discovered the amazing artists who illustrate them, I was, I'm over that and I am inspired.

  4. Thanks for sharing this story and the work. I can see the influence on your work! Thanks also for your kind wishes! Hugs back to you and hope you have a wonderful holiday. :)

  5. What a wonderful muse is he.


    Renee xoxo

  6. His work is lovely indeed...and so is yours! :)

    Thanks for stoppin' by my blog this past year. May all you wishes come true in 2010. Happy Holidays!

    Your blogger friend,

  7. ga jadi ke jakarta sih!!!!!!!!!
    he he maap yah...
    tar aja deh kalo inget.

    ya ya udah ada kerjaan baru lagi dan lebih menyenangkan soalnya aku boleh bebas berekspresi, boleh gambar apa aja!!!!

  8. Wow. Amalia. This is a lovely post..and so perfect for this new year. I love that you have that book on top of the pile...we as artists are quiet and introspective a lot of the time, and to have friends like books, well, it's a perfect companion. How inspirational his work is. I must admit, I had not heard of him (still such a newbie)..but thank you for this. I will now visit his site. Wishing you a wonderful 2010!!

  9. I can feel the passion you have in drawing. I love your work, I didn´t know it but know I´m reallly glad I found it!Have a wonderful 2010 Amalia!, Flor

  10. WOW!!! your artwork is stunning! glad i found u!
    linda cardina
    gem n i

  11. How beautiful!!!

    Thanks to share with us...



  12. hello amalia, knowing the work of Wayne Anderson discovered magic, fantasy and the amazing ... and yours is touring the passion and enchantment ... I love your drawings, your textures and colors are simply imprensionantes!

    sorry for the English bad, but not handling the language and I worth a translator, which is not always reliable.

    kisses from the banks of the Parana

  13. Thank you for visiting my blog. It's good to share on pictures with fellow illustrators.
    Your pictures are beautiful, strong. I really enjoyed. Congratulations.

  14. thanks for shearing! very beautifoul images, very inspiring!

  15. So wonderful that you followed your dreams! Inspiration is the best when it knocks us upside the head and onto the floor! And thanks for sharing about this illustrator- I've never heard of him, but I'll go check out his work. Great blog and beautiful work, Amalia! Keep rockin'!

  16. I like the first illustration


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