Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Devil and a Kiss

Sarwat Chadda's Devil's Kiss.
This is the Indonesian translation, published by Atria
It sure was wonderful to do the cover design for a great read!
 (Coming soon, to be available throughout Indonesia)

*** Note: Thank you, my friend. You turned out to be quite the lucky charm. :) 



  1. Your blog looks gorgeous! Wow! You are really making great strides with your art! How exciting! Your unique and creative style is so perfect for the type of literature that people are reading now. I hope to see your paintings in the bookstore soon!

  2. Congratulations Amalia! :-)
    I love the new book cover. It is very beautiful and a powerful image as well!
    I will also look forward to seeing more of your work in the bookshops in the future.
    It sounds like an exciting time for you creatively at the moment.
    Wishing you much success! :-)
    Jo. xx

  3. Wow congrats! It looks AMAZING! what wonderful news! Great job! :D

  4. oh! What a good news! I'm glad to hear, to know this! the cover looks very cinematic, is interesting as you do that, not with a usual photography (that bored me, I don't like to see books that use images of movies to their covers) but with your drawings! bravo Amalia :D I'm happy for you. Hugs!

  5. It looks SO fantastic, congratulations Amalia!! You did an amazing job :) ~Lauren

  6. ~the road continues to rise for you and greet you with the most spectacular blessings...congrats to you and your art...beautiful always to see what you have created! i too know one day we will be seeing you all over...may your light continue to shine ever so bright...much l♥ve to you~

  7. How fantastic is this!!!Congratulations Amalia! I love this cover!

    Smiles my dear

  8. This is a great news! I'm so happy for you, dear Amalia! The cover looks fantastic! Red, black, white, brown... The title is a little frightening and the figure in the background implies that some kind of suspense awaits the reader. That woman will attract the attention, I'm sure! And that's the point, isn't it? The book design is an art that has its philosophy.
    (I like her long hair, the new kind of brows and the the left corner of her mouth!)GOOD FOR YOU!xxx

  9. This is wonderfully exciting, congratulations Amalia!
    and It is such a fantastic cover.

  10. Wow, Amalia! Congrats to you, my friend!! Your blog also looks awesome!!

  11. Wow that is a gorgeous cover!!! It certainly stands out! Congratulations you are certainly an inspiration!! :0)

  12. Okay, new designer lady, I want an outfit like that!

    Beautiful, again! You are evolving magically, wonderfully.

  13. wow, wow, wow, Amalia, how wonderful and exciting!!! I am so happy for you. I am sure there will be many more covers and other opportunities to come! The cover is beautiful, I really love it. Hugs!

  14. Congratulations and well done, beautiful work!

  15. A book cover!? WOW!! Good for you! It looks wonderful and magical...and very eye catching!
    Congratulations Amalia!!! Very happy for your success!
    Your blog looks awesome too...constantly evolving just like your art!!

    Wishing you much continued success!! ;)

  16. ooh she is beautiful!!!!!
    yay!!!! How exciting!!!!
    of course she has the 'amazing hair' that you do!! .. and such a sweet , pretty face!!!
    the sign of many more to come !!!
    ( ps .. did you find playdoh recipe?..I did the 'cook in a pot version I found online.. it's pretty salty.. so that it lasts a looong time.. but all natural!!)

  17. Hello good people!! Ah, I am truly lucky and blessed to have met wonderful friends like all of you!!!

    Thank you, for the kind words and continuous support you have given me all this time. Believe it or not, you make me want to do better and better each time...

    *Katherine, I agree that the type of designs evolve along with the type of literature in the market these days. It was definitely a challenge to do this, especially because the book got some pretty good reviews to begin with. :)

    *Amba, you know, the publisher actually wanted something different and decided to do the cover with illustration instead of photography. Well, I'm glad they like it.

    *Rossichka, I knew you'd say something about the title!! Hahahaa... Well, it's a teenage fiction, so you can imagine the kind of stuff that goes in the story! :D

    Again...thanks, everyone! Big hugs to all of you!!! oxox

  18. Helen! I found a recipe and am definitely trying it out soon!! Thanks for the tips! (^_^)

  19. Congratulations Amalia! I have never seen a book cover quite like this before, it's fantastic.

  20. SQUEEEEAAAAL! Oooooooh my, this looks wonderful! Very dramatic and mysterious. And I love a story with a strong heroine. This is gorgeous, Amalia.

    And thank you for using my hair as a model for the book cover. Thanks to your special shampoo, it's looking quite fabulous, isn't it? :D

  21. This is gorgeous, Amalia... and so much more fun to look at than the current fashion of photos for book covers. I do hope there is a return to the 'old-fashioned' painterly style of illustration! I just noticed the suit on the mummy figure... very clever of you, and nice expression on the lovely maiden's face. As always, beautiful in every way, Amalia.

  22. You really have created your own 'signature' of art.

    Really admire your works, Amalia :)

  23. Ahem, excuse me. I was eavesreading on someone's comment. Why are you asking Bella to join my club? You are already in it!

  24. Amal, congrats! what a great looking cover. Maybe next time when I come home I can see this at gramedia:)

  25. Congratssssssss! You are on a roll. This is a fabulous cover and I would by the book just for that awesome cover. I love it. The blog looks fantastic. It's all good!!!
    Hugs to you honey bunny!
    Thanks so much for stopping by.

  26. I LOVE this cover, Amalia! It is so wonderfully composed and illustrated! You are truely gifted!!!!I also love your new background image of your blog! It is so great to stop by your blog and see all the lovely things you have created!

  27. Lovely, lovely! That's you, the strong heroine! Congratulations!

  28. Hello again and thank you for those wonderful comments... (^_^)

  29. Hey, Bells! The shampoo sure worked, huh? Hehehee... Well thanks for being my model, we should do it again some time! :D :D

    Susan dear, thank you! I agree! Trends can get too much sometimes, it's always good to see (and do) something differently... :)

    Ces, you mean I'm really in the 'baldie' club??? Thanks! Hahahaaahahhhh!!

    Heidi, when you come home you should do more than visit Gramedia... you should come see me!! (^____^)

    Miss V, thanks so much! I thought I was the only one who'd buy a book just because of the cover? :))

  30. And big thank yous to everyone else!!

  31. awesome...congratulations on that book cover. it's beautiful.

  32. well myfriend, due you know the White Rabbitt? Well he is eye! But his watch reads better than mine.

    Well, this is just wonderful eh? (The book cover, not the watch). Suber-latives fail me, except for the usual - so I will employ them,,,, ready :)

    Okay, well you could have blown me down with a blunt stick, poked me with the wind, and just mucked up my hair and put my wigg back on backwards (whigg?) - yes it goes both ways....

    But seriously, I just heard Sarwat Chadda talking about his book and I can see that you have your thumbnail on the aorta with this one.... :)

    Great Job Amalia! Still waters run deeper.... Devils Kiss eh? I'd be careful if I were you. Is it a whole series?

    I hope so.

    see you from Oz - sorry to be late to the party but I was hanging in a doorway some where waiting for the sun to go down :)

  33. Oh I forgot to say I like the cover :) :)

  34. Heheh, thanks Monsieur Finnie... You know, if winds could poke, then I suppose I'd have to make sure the armor suit I ordered is shipped by premium mail! Bruises are never likely to make it to high fashion.

    Well, Sarwat Chadda is a very clever man. He seems to know much about devils and their kinds... a lot like you, I think. Hahahahaa! Anyway, I don't know if I'd be doing the whole series yet, but you never know.

    Ta! :))

  35. Oh congratulations! Gorgeous illustration, Amalia. I am so happy for you - your work is just amazing, and now MORE people will see your talent. Excellent.

  36. Amalia... This is fantastic! Congrats on the cover. Very exciting! I love this! Those colors are so deep and intriguing! Love it! Your style is so perfect for literature. Blessings.

  37. The cover is beautiful, Amalia!!! Great big congratulations to you!!!


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