Thursday, 27 October 2011

Star Blogs - Mir Dinara

Well yes, I do. And quite ravenously too, if I may say so myself. I even have a long (make that super long) list of blogs that have remained my favorites over the time. Some about art, photography, craft, and literature... some about home living, motherhood, fashion, food and travel. Not to mention the interestingly different angles and perspectives taken on each of these subjects. Somehow I find blog reading to be a pleasure I don't think I could ever be deprived of! To me, blogs are more open and honest, many times to the level of being personal that some are able to reach far deeper within than others. It's like reading someone's thoughts and feelings that are generously given for others to see. Now tell me, how lucky are we, eh? :)
Anyway... one of my favorites is a lively fun blog run by an equally lively lady named Dinara Mirtalipova. As a wonderful illustrator and loving young mom, I always find her blog, Mir Dinara, to be a refreshing place to be. I love seeing her fantastic work there, her fun doodles and the delightful way she shares her daily life with her readers.

So if you're looking for a refreshing start of the day, make sure you visit her fantastic blog and I have no doubt you'll fall right in love as I did! :)

Have a lively day, my sweets!

Amalia, oxx


  1. Well, thanks for the new blog introduction - going to go right over and check her out. I agree reading blogs is wonderful - you meet such nice people blogging - it makes the world a whole lot better. Your blog is one of those that lifts the spirits and brings joy into the heart. Love it all.

  2. sweetness! i will too check her out! xo

  3. Thanks so much for the recommendation! I will head over there right now!

    Hope you and little precious are doing well and getting settled into your new routine. I think of you often.

    Smiles again and kisses for baby

  4. Oh WOW! Her work is fabulous! Thanks for the introduction. :D


  5. Gee Amalia! Big big thanks for the feature! :-)

  6. thank you for sharing this lovely artist with us!
    kiss your wee baby for me.

  7. I love blogs for that reason too! Hope all is well with you and your little one!

  8. I love her artwork! I'll definitely go and pay her blog a visit, thanks so much for the intro! Hope you have a lovely weekend Amalia. :)
    Jess xx

  9. I read blogs a little too often I'm afraid, they tend to steal my time away ;) Hope you and your new joyous bundle are doing well :)

  10. I love reading blogs, too! :) Thanks for sharing Mir Dinara with us. It really does look bright and fresh! Loving the new photo of you, by the way! Have a beautiful weekend!

  11. Hello, oh I like your writing, that first paragraph makes so much sense - you obviously did not get a case of 'baby brain" which I have heard is awfully (yes awfully - must be said nasally, don't you know) catchy.

    Ah you have good taste in blogs I see. Style personality, talent, good looks - and that's just me :)

    Haha ha, just kidding. If I stretch the truth more it will snap and come back and whapf me in the jaw.

    Seriously, it's a good blog, thank you for the link. I hope you are checking the post office for those booties I knitted for you :)


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