Friday, 15 February 2013

February Giveaway

Hey there. I hope you're all having wonderful days where you are. Me? I'm still pretty much indulging myself with plenty of hours working in the studio. So I'm just popping in to share something special with you...

Yes, that's right, it's giveaway time! Remember when I told you that my work is available over at La Marelle Editions? Well, now you have the chance to win all five goodies you see there!! All you need to do is to follow my Facebook Page and leave a comment on this link. The giveaway will end on Thursday, 21 February and ONE WINNER will be selected after that.

So good luck to everyone! I know whoever wins will definitely thank their lucky stars. :)

All the best,


  1. look at all those pretty faces ;) I hope you are doing well Amalia. Just popping by to say hello :)

  2. hello,
    such a lovely give away, your cards are so beautiful!

    lovely day to you ~

  3. You're so sweet! Such lovely presents to give away! <3

  4. Ah, too bad I don't have a facebook account! Your drawings are lovely. Also, just discovered your blog via Original Concept Team on Etsy and following you now. :)

  5. mba Amalia, salam kenal yah. Saya pernah bercita-cita menjadi ilustrator, tapi apa daya nasib membawa saya menjadi psikolog (walo belum jadi juga mpe sekarang). Thanks for being such an inspiring blogger :) I loooo...veeee...your drawings :*

    1. Terima kasih, Sukie... Don't worry, the dream will always wait for you. :)

  6. wish i could be an amazing illustrator like you in my own way!!

  7. omg so wonderful! I'm so happy I came across your beautiful art! :D just added you on facebook and left a comment! :D Have a wonderful weekend!


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