Friday, 1 February 2013

Little Red and The Wolf

Now, who doesn't love Little Red Ring Hood? Other than being such an iconic fairy tale among all ages, I think the story itself is one that should always be taught to children for its undeniable wisdom and morals. It's no surprise that the story could live on through generations until today and especially popular among artists all over the world.

I started working on my new standing paper dolls of Little Red and The Wolf a few days ago after I reread the story online. It was so much fun trying to recreate the characters and I have no doubt that this won't be my last attempt. In fact, I'm thinking of creating a whole forest diorama...if time allows it! Wouldn't that be awesome, though? I remember making a set of dioramas based on Sleeping Beauty in college and I would definitely say that it was one of the most memorable moments of my scholar experience. :)

Anyway, this duet is now available in The Wish Forest, eager to find a new forest of their own. And now on to the next project... which characters do you think should I create next? :)


  1. Oh, they are wonderful. I like the photos of the work in progress. A whole forest would be great. I know what you mean about time though. Have fun!

  2. Oh how lovely they are! You did a wonderful job. :) How about Snow White and Rose Red for your next ones?

  3. Beautiful. Wizard of Oz characters, next? Think of the possibilities!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful!!! I'm so in love with your paper dolls! She is enchanting. And the wolf's pose is wonderful!

    Oh, I agree with Jennifer. Wizard of Oz! Especially with the new movie coming out this year, it will be very timely. :D

  5. Oooh! I love the colors. They remind me of the holidays and crispy apples. Yum. She looks so cute but the wolf is suspect. Have a wonderful weekend, Amalia. Tsup!

  6. You're just a busy little bee Amalia. Projects everywhere ;) Love red riding hood and her wolf :D

  7. I love your blog! It's awesome! You are very organized in your sidebars with the wonderful bloggers who are highlighted there. I will definitely be coming back here often and I just became a follower. Oh! And you are an amazing artist too!
    Teresa in California


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