Monday, 4 August 2014

A Wonderful Disaster

You know, one of the toughest things about my profession is being a mother at the same time. Sometimes combining the two seems almost impossible to do, and most days, frustration hangs above my head like a stubborn migraine. That alone, I won't conceal.

If you ask me what sort of things I have to deal with, I think I can tell you a million and one stories that have made me kicked and screamed inside. Tears are very often involved, and there were even times when I found myself in a downward spiral. Exhaustion is always the biggest issue. And you know how badly things can go when you are sleep deprived. Add in the all the bickering, the shouting and a ton of house chores to do, then you end up with a sour and cranky mommy artist. Think of my poor, poor husband. :)

This particular drawing, for example, has a story of its own. Like many of my stories, it started with a lovely day and I was all excited to start working on a new idea that popped into my head the night before. As I worked happily, music blasting away, ignorant of my surroundings, I got up and turned away from the table for a couple of minutes. And when I turned back, my two year old son was already on my chair, a sharp pencil in his hand and a huge smile on his face. He had left scratches here and there on my drawing and I remember feeling the blood drained away from my body as I saw it. Two hours work, ruined. Just like that. I wanted to tear my hair out and on the verge of throwing away the drawing. I had big plans and by then I couldn't even look at it. So I took a deep breath, let it out and walked out of the studio.

Half an hour later, I came back, ready to face the catastrophe. I grabbed my "tools" and started Operation Detour. It was time for a change of plan. I spent the next couple of hours drawing, shading, smudging and scratching like never before. Everything I imagined about this drawing was gone and I was surprised to see how it was shaping into. Something new, something very different.

In the end, I must say, I found great satisfaction and utter peace as I looked at my drawing. I pushed myself far enough to do something out of my comfort zone and I owe it all to my little boy. I suppose circumstances took control that day and I'm glad I didn't completely lost my head and threw away the drawing. It's something I'm still training myself to do, with three growing children, I'm sure it's going to be a long process.

So the moral of the story? Always remember to keep check with your surroundings when working, never underestimate a curious two year old with super fast hands, and above all, stay calm in every studio-child related disaster. Remember all that, and I think we'll survive. :)

Much love,

PS: No child was harmed during the making of this drawing. Only a little stunned when his mommy let out a scream after seeing his "masterpiece'. The drawing was sold a few days later, so it was a happy ending after all. :)


  1. Amazing story, Amalia! Result is wonderful, despite the fact of few hours of heartbreaking feeling, everything goes in a good way :) And the fact that drawing was sold few days after that proving that! :)

  2. being a mommy artist means we have to be intelligent to face a unexpected case like this, cheers ^^

  3. The scratches add something and definitely add to the story of the drawing. Lovely, and congrats on selling it so quickly. Maybe your son has an artistic future too?

  4. Dear Amalia, I felt a very sweet sense of humour in the way you told the story of that painting.:) I try to imagine what it is like to draw and concentrate, when your kids need attention. It's not easy at all for sure! Maybe every piece of your art has been influenced (more or less) by them, even if these were just thoughts about your precious little ones!
    I like this sad girl, "caught" an instant before cutting her hair, which means that she desperately needs a Change after her love disappointment... (I could read only the words in the right corner...) I noticed her new facial expression, thanks to changing the form of her brows... I think you interpreted the moment and you created something very touching!:)
    Have a lovely August!xx

  5. This is so beautiful :-) i'm glad you managed to make something so amazing out of what could have been a disaster!

  6. I love the final with all the scratches and zip-zap lines. the result is wonderful. I think I would have felt just as bad but it's good that something good came out of this.

    hope you have a great day.

  7. This is an amazing transformation of your drawing! It was beautiful before in a quiet way but now it has a huge depth of emotion to it. The scratches are truly inspired! You might be running around being really busy but your clever creative brain has not stopped! :)
    Jess xx

  8. Cute blog and nice art work! I have nominated you for a Liebster Award!

  9. Hey Am, I am usually mommy-grouch pants when I can't finish a task. I have three kids and talk about exhaustion at the end of the night. Throw in a very dedicated, but absent husband most week days and my art is on the waywaywayside. Most mornings I feel lucky to just spend an hour to myself. Yesterday was a tough day. So when something like this happens (it's never happened to me with something this precious) I can totally understand the boiling temper and the blood-red you often see when kids are being kids. I've been making a list for a special blog post I'm thinking of writing, and it has to do how we can manage our lives being artist and mom all at the same time. If you care to share your two cents, I would be forever grateful. This is something that's been pounding at my heart for over 5 years so, really, I would love your input.


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