Monday, 27 August 2012

As the Curtain Falls

Last week, I was fortunate enough to finally take a little quick getaway. It wasn't something we'd planned perfectly. In fact, it was the first trip we had after a while. Having an uncomfortable 10 months old baby in the car for long hours was tough and my exhausted mind and body were not cooperating at all. I think this particular trip deserves to be bookmarked in my What to Do and What Not to Do Guide as a Mommy of Three. :))

However, by the time the ocean was in sight, everything seemed worthwhile. The baby whining, the children bickering, the headache, all just slowly melted away and disappeared. Everyone stared outside in silence as we drove across the beautiful coastline.

I myself, have always thought of the sea as bewitching, especially at sunset. Unlike most people who loves to visit the ocean when the sun is high up in the sky, I prefer to pay my respects when the day is at its end and the waves are serenading their farewell song. There's a kind of magic that seems to linger in the air. As if all creatures stand across the stage, bowing with the last applause. I'm just glad I got to watch the curtain falls this one time, especially with my loved ones by my side.

So how about you? Any quick getaways on the horizon? :)

PS: Thank you to my lovely husband for taking these breath taking pictures. OXOX


  1. There is truly something magical about the sea, you are right! These photos are incredible! I would love to draw a scene like that, with a child crouched on the sand, examining a newfound treasure, and the sun setting behind the horizon. It's so beautiful! What a good experience for the family to do together!

  2. Such small "escapes" from "la vie quotidienne" are refreshing and necessary for the whole family! The sea at sunset looks really magical - you've put it so lovely in words! Now everything looks a little bit different, doesn't it?
    My husband and son had a vacation in a tent on the seashore. They showed me some lovely photos of the sea and the sky. Maybe I should try it, too - to listen to the sea close to me, to meet the sun and the moon... But I,myself, prefer the mountains...:)

  3. These really are lovely captures of beautiful moments in time.
    that drive does indeed sound challenging...
    I am glad you got away and were able to watch the setting sun and the magical colors of the light.

    yes.... i leave Tuesday, yea ~

  4. The photos are beautiful. I love the sunsets on the beach too. Even moonlight walks are are so magical. Living in Missouri, I am so far away from any ocean, but every time I visit the sea it calls to me like a long lost friend~

  5. A quick getaway is always a good prescription to clear your mind and start fresh. We plan a 4-day visit to see our granddaughters in a couple of months and are really looking forward to it!

  6. My Hubby and I are planning a Date Night....not really a getaway as grand as this....but, well needed.....since we haven't had one in about a year!

    I don't care for the beach in the middle of a hot sunny day either.....but a cool foggy morning? Yes, please :)

  7. Yes I've been lucky enough to go to the sea-side a few times this summer. I too prefer the very beginning or the end of the day there. The light changes and transforms it to magic! Your children playing looks idyllic. I shall share more sea photos on my blog very soon I'm sure. :)

  8. I had a lovely break in Ireland recently and took lots of lovely pictures. It wasn't so much a beach break as a "wow look at the scenery" break.

    Your art work looks beautiful btw.



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