Friday, 3 August 2012

First August Giveaway!

Well, isn't it good to wake up in the morning and say...yaaay! Friday's here!! Especially when this Friday is also giveaway time!! Yes, as promised, today we're going to have our first August giveaway for my lovely blog followers. So I hope you're ready!


These two are the latest additions to my shop. They were here before gracing the page as originals, but I think they would be happy frolicking about as prints as well. The good news is, one of YOU could be the lucky winner to both of them as a set (they prefer to stay together, see....). All you need to do is follow this blog, and tell us what could be the story behind these two friends! I will ask my little girl to judge this special giveaway...she has good taste for stories! So work that imagination and tell us some wonderful ideas! :)

The giveaway will end next Friday the 10th and I will announce the winner after that. Good luck, everyone! Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. One upon a time there were two teeny tiny little girls who lived in a magical meadow up amongst the clouds. They were the best of friends and had been for as long as they both could remember. Unfortunately, there was an evil toad threatening their domain! He despised all things beautiful, flattening flowers with his big toad belly, and gobbling up all the pretty ladybugs. It was up to the girls to stop him! But they were so very teeny tiny, would they be strong enough to take on the giant toad?

  2. A very, very long time ago there were three little sisters. They were very close and loved each other very much. Their favourite past time was holding picknic parties in the woods for their Teddies and friendly bugs. They used to play games and eat cupcakes untill the darkeness came up on them but then one day the youngest of the sisters was taken by the wicked witch and made to work for her. The two sisters left behind were hard broken. Now there is a rumour going round that Lottie Popjes who lives in Popjes land has rescued the youngest sister.
    I live in popjes land so please let me reunite them ;)

  3. there are 2 best friends who havent met each other for a long time, the 1 girl is always bringing the ladybird bug because it reminds her to her best friend ( curly) and the curly girl who had to leave because her parents took her far far away, also misses the long hair girl, when the rain is pouring down the curly girl always pick 1 white flower, imagining that they will meet again soon.. the rain describe how curly is sad and wanna meet her friend so bad.. this relationship's bond is too strong, so the distance wont tear it apart :)

  4. Once upon a time there were twin sisters who couldn't have been more different. One liked sitting with her pet ladybug and wearing fancy hats, while the other liked tending plants and running through fields in the rain. Sometimes, as sisters do, they didn't get along. Yet they always made up, and usually learned through their adventures that they were eachothers' best friend.

  5. Two tiny little sisters live in the beautiful forest. Fauna is particularly fond of all the little critters of the woods, and Flora feels that the forest would not be the same without all the wonderful plants living there. Both sisters have magical powers. Fauna heals any critter who is injured. She can mend the broken leg of a squirrel or paint new spots on a ladybug if they happen to get rubbed off. Flora, on the other hand, can bring a thirst quenching rain where ever she goes so that the forest is always lush and green! Each sister believes that her special gift is the most important, but we all know that it takes many different kinds of talents, gifts, and powers to make the forest and the world a wonderful place~

  6. Deep in the dark forest there was a tiny little cottage made of honey berrys and dew drops. The owner of the cottage was a beautiful maiden that was exiled to live there until she could find the answer to a question given to her by a wicked witch. What would you do if you had two choices and one of them was not a choice at all? She thought and thought but couldn't find the answer.
    One day there was a knock on the door and there were two lovely little girls with tears rolling down their cheeks. They told her that they had lost their way and couldn't find their way out of the forest.
    Well this can't happen to these beautiful girls so she swept them up and not thinking about her own peril she took them out of the forest.
    The witch seeing this was livid and wanted to exile her to the forest forever.
    The maiden boldly replied I had two choices, one to let the little girls stay lost forever in the forest, second one was to save them and help them find their way out. The first choice was not a choice at all, so I helped them find their way out.
    The witch taken back by this reply and thinking that she had the maiden locked in the forest forever with this question was forced to give her her freedom.
    So what would you do if you had two choices and one wasn't a choice at all?

  7. hello, I somehow wrote a story inspired by your drawings. I'm not entering the giveaway because I really didn't write about the girls. I thought about it and ended up writing a back story. I hope you get a chance to read it when you have the time. it was kind of long so I won't posted here but you can read it at this link:

    I hope you like it. have a great day.

    1. Oh my! I just went over and read are so talented, Lissa! I'm honored and touched, knowing that you have written this wonderful tale based on my work! Imagination is a beautiful thing, isn't it? I wish you much success with your writing. OXOX

  8. Nice giveaway. The story could be one friend is in need of help she looks so sad. Maybe the other girl is there to cheer her up. Maybe just a plain simple story. The sad girl maybe having a sad day the other happy girl is there for her friend letting her know everything will be all right.


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