Friday, 24 August 2012

Sponsor Love ♥

It's warm here. The sun has been blazing all day and there's been no sign of rain for weeks. I know that many of you are experiencing similar weather, so why don't we stop for a minute and enjoy these beautiful images from one of my sponsors...


Tammie Lee is a natural born explorer, and she is the person behind the lens that has created these glorious images. It seems such a wonderful free life she's living, wandering across wild and beautiful territories, searching for nature's wonders in the most unseen places. Tammie's main passion in photography is to capture the beauty of the world around her, inspiring us to behold the world in a new way that uplifts our spirits. Visit her blog and shop to view more of her beautiful collection!

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Still craving for more of nature's beauties? Here's some to feast your eyes on! As always, click on each one to visit the link. 

Wishing you all a peaceful day, my friends!

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  1. thank you dear Amalia, such a lovely post honoring the beauty I photograph


  2. It is so wonderful to get to know these talented artisans a little bit better! Those photographs are incredible!

  3. I love her naturally gorgeous!

  4. Tammie's photos are stunning aren't they? A lovely post. :)
    Jess x x

  5. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing! Also love your "wild and free".

  6. Breathtaking photos! Thanks for sharing this amazing work

  7. Tammie's blog is among my favourites! Everytime I go there, I feel refreshed, as if I've taken a deep breath of delicious air! She's a master of catching beautiful moments and gorgeous sights, because she has the eyes to see them. Passionate about nature, she's building small bridges for us to its richness!
    It's so nice that you dedicated this post to "Spirithelpers"!...:)


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