Monday, 6 August 2012

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Hello my lovelies, how was your weekend? Ours sure went by fast! I remember those much quieter days when it was just me, my hubby and our girl. Back then, Time seemed to take its time. LOL. And now? Well, with a five year old boy and a teething baby added to the picture, sometimes I wish I had my own portkey that leads somewhere nice and peaceful. :)

Anyway, since Monday tends to be gloomy for many of us, I think I'll show you some of my lovely August sponsors! You're definitely in for a treat!

Fair Rosamund Art 

Meet Lauren Saxton of Fair Rosamund Art, a self taught artist from Tuscon, Arizona with a huge passion for cats. She paints beautiful whimsical girls and captivates her audience in a dream like atmosphere, also quite often showing hints of surrealism in some of her work. She finds inspirations in fairy tales and medieval history, and loves to paint pictures which emulate a magical world. I have loved Lauren's work from the very first time we met here in Blogland, and I can assure you that she's every bit as sweet as her painted girls. :)

 Links: Blog Shop Facebook Page


Gail Gallery

I first met Gail Stoughton on, a wonderful artist and a teacher to children with special needs. Her art consists of mixed media paintings, with beautiful collage applications and strong colorful palette. This is what she expressed about her work: "I am presently working on a series of mixed media muses. Each one of these special women evoke my inner creativity and stimulate my consciousness. They encourage me to recognize and celebrate my innate human connection to self, others, and nature. I want to share my muses with you so that they might also encourage you on your path to happiness and celebration of life."

You can also meet her muses by visiting her shop.


Faerie Moon Creations

Faerie Moon Creations is a place where whimsical and fairy tale shine as one. Created by Theresa McNaughton, this special place is the realm of all magical treasures. She believes that everyone needs a touch of whimsy in their life, be it through art, jewelry or anything else. In her own words, she claims that, "Our creations are sprinkled with faerie dust, and it is our deepest desire that everything we make brings a smile to someone's face." 

I also recommend you to visit her wonderful blog and get a little peek into her whimsical life. :)

Links: Blog Shop Facebook Page


I hope you enjoyed the little snippets of  my fantastic sponsors! There are plenty more I'd like to show you, so please come back and visit often. Meanwhile, don't forget that I still have a giveaway running until the end of this week. Now I noticed that some of you maybe a bit "shy" to leave a comment and share your story, but I really hope you'll join in and have some fun with us! :)

Have a great week ahead, my friends! 

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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely feature, Amalia. It is a true honor to be featured with such amazing artisans.

  2. such a lovely group of artists and their art. a beautiful post in every way!

  3. I love those full size, beautiful pictures!! The art these women create is as gorgeous as their incredible spirits!

  4. oh Amalia, a wonderful group of amazing artists.

  5. Wow! A terrific showcase of artists and their work. I appreciate being included.

  6. What beautiful work - and your blog still makes me feel so peaceful every time I visit ♥

  7. Thanxs for your sharing these beautiful images and wonderful artist blogs......

  8. Thank you again Amalia, you are amazing and so generous to share your beautiful art space with us :) Hugs, Lauren


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